4 Terrifying Serial Killers Who Led Disturbing Double Lives

The scariest part about serial killers is how they often drift undetected through the world, lying low until their crimes have been discovered. At any moment, we might be in contact with someone committing the most heinous deeds imaginable.

Here are four serial killers who notoriously kept their murders a secret while maintaining an entirely different life during the day.

1. John Wayne Gacy

Gacy was ultimately found to have raped and killed over 30 boys and men, but fooled locals by working as a friendly and beloved neighborhood clown. In jail, he would go on to paint portraits of clowns that sell for thousands of dollars to this day.

2. Ted Bundy

Ted Bundy was considered a charming upstart in the Republican party and even worked at a crisis suicide hotline while covertly going on a murdering spree. How he tricked friends into believing he was a do-gooder is detailed in the stunning

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