Deaths Of Toddlers Left In Mom’s Hot Car As ‘Lesson’ Ruled Homicides

The two toddlers who died in a hot car in late May while their mom tried to teach them “a lesson”  were killed by homicide, investigators have determined.

Their mother, Cynthia Randolph, was initially charged with two counts of causing bodily injury to a child with intent back in June. It isn’t clear if her charges will change now that a medical examiner has found that her children died of homicide by heatstroke.

Juliet Ramirez, 2, and Cavanaugh Ramirez, 1, were found unresponsive outside their home on May 26 and pronounced dead 30 minutes later, investigators said.

Randolph, 24, reportedly told investigators that her children “took off” and locked themselves inside her car, forcing her to break a window in an attempt to save them, People reported.

But Randolph’s story changed, police claimed, and she eventually confessed to them that she herself closed the door on her children after her daughter

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