Married Teacher Caught Having Sexual Relationships With 8 Students, Calling Them ‘Jason’s Girls’

A new lawsuit claims that a Florida high school teacher groomed and sexually molested at least eight of his female students—and though administrators knew about the allegations beginning in 2008, the teacher apparently did not face disciplinary action.

Jason Edward Meyers, a creative writing teacher, worked in two Miami-Dade high schools over 14 years, in which time he allegedly pursued sexual relationships with eight of his current or former students, The Miami Herald reported.

Meyers allegedly called his victims “Jason’s Girls” and encouraged them to read sexually explicit books like Lolita, in which an older man has a sexual relationship with a prepubescent girl. The lawsuit claims he asked one girl to break up with her boyfriend, wear provocative clothes to class, and told her to title a poem she had written “Come Inside Me.”

The suit claims that Meyers forcibly kissed and groped a plaintiff in the lawsuit, and had sex

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