Man Arrested For Breaking Into Home, Stripping Naked And Trying To Shower With 21-Year-Old Girl

A man allegedly broke into a New Jersey home Wednesday and attempted to get into the shower with one of the residents.

CBS New York reports two sisters, ages 16 and 21, and their baby nephew were at home, when a man broke in around 9 a.m.

Mikah Diaz, 16, said her sister, who was showering, ran from the bathroom, telling Diaz that someone had broken into the home. According to CBS New York, she told Diaz that he had taken off his clothes as she screamed at him to get out, while hiding behind the shower curtain.

“She runs into the room with only her towel on, and she’s on the phone with the police,” Diaz said. “She told me there’s a guy in the house.”

The two sisters and their nephew hid out in a bedroom until police arrived. The intruder also waited for authorities. He was found by police

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