Parents Of Bullied 12-Year-Old Cheerleader Who Killed Herself Sue School

The parents of Mallory Grossman, a 12-year-old girl from New Jersey, blamed her school for a lack of action against her bullies at a Tuesday press conference. reported that Bruce Nagel, the Grossmans’ attorney, said that the girl received text messages telling her to kill herself, and calling her a loser. However, the school allegedly neglected to take any action. The family plans to sue the district and school administrators for  “gross negligence.”

“This small device can be a lethal weapon in the hands of the wrong child,” Nagel said while holding up an iPhone at the press conference. The Grossmans said that in addition to receiving “mean texts” their daughter was bullied through posts on Instagram and Snapchat.

Mallory’s mother, Dianne Grossman, said she’d been in contact with school administrators over her daughter’s bullying since October. She claims the school officials failed to take action, and failed to file harassment

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