August 2, 1991: Rick James Arrested For Imprisoning And Torturing A Woman

On August 2, 1991, singer Rick James was arrested along with girlfriend for imprisoning and torturing a 24-year-old woman. 

The “King of Funk” was 43 at the time and his girlfriend, Tanya Anne Hijazi, was 21. They were accused of torturing Frances Alley by burning her with the hot end of a hot cocaine pipe over a three-day period at the singer’s Hollywood Hills home.

Rick James and his girlfriend met the victim at a party. She was unemployed and they offered to help her out at their home.

The incident happened a few weeks before the arrest, in mid July. James threatened Alley with a gun and told her he would shoot her if she tried to flee. He and his girlfriend then tied her up and burned her about 20 times with the crack pipe. They also sexually abused her and forced her to smoke crack. 

After she was released from the

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