The Springfield Three: The Curious Case Of 3 Women Disappearing At The Same Time

How can three women go missing at the same time? That is what Springfield, Missouri residents have been wondering since 1992.

Sherrill Levitt, a 47-year-old mother, was with her 19-year-old daughter Suzie Streeter and Suzie’s 18-year-old friend Stacy McCall when they suddently disappeared on June 7, 1992. All three of their cars were parked out front of Levitt’s home. Their purses, makeup and keys were in the home. So was Stacy’s medication and Sherrill’s cigarettes. The two teens had just graduated high school one day earlier and they had changed and gotten ready for bed.

The teens were supposed to go to a waterpark with their friend Janelle Kirby the next day. She called the house and eventually went over with her boyfriend when there was no answer. They saw that the porch light was broken and they swept up the glass, not realizing that it was a part of a crime

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