Man Murders Step-Grandfather After He Catches Him ‘Having Sex’ With His Mom

A man from England murdered his step-grandfather after witnessing him “appearing to have sex” with his mother, BBC reports. Michael McDonald, 25, claimed he lost control of himself when he saw his mother, Terri Hurry, 42, “having sex” with her 78-year-old father-in-law, Brian Hurry.

According to The Telegraph, Hurry was killed after being hit repeatedly with the metal bar of a dumbbell at his home last summer. McDonald reportedly lured him into a bathroom, where he attacked him.

“I walked to the bedroom, opened the door and I saw my mum with her top and bra off sitting on top of my grandad with my grandad’s hands on her waist,” McDonald told the court during his murder trial, according to Essex Live. “I was used to it so it wasn’t anything new. I have seen it most of my life. The first time I saw it was with

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