Parents Caught Abusing Their Disabled Kids After Daughter Secretly Films Facebook Video Of The Assault

A Facebook video caught a pair of parents allegedly abusing some of the disabled children they adopted. John, 55, and Joyce Bell, 57 share nine adopted children together. One of them, Krystal Bell, shot a video which showed screaming and a child being hit. On the video, John can be seen hitting his 16-year-old autistic son while screaming, “I will hit you in the f***ing mouth.”

It wasn’t the first time alleged violence took place in the home. According to WHO-TV, police have responded to the address over 50 times since 2008. In one call, one of the children was “threatening to kill everyone and was hitting a sibling and the father.” In another, the parents were “smacking the brothers around and threatening to put them in the hospital.”

After Krystal gave the video to Watchdog, in addition to others she taped secretly to document abuse, the parents were charged with

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