Dad Speaks Out After Daughter Dies Of Overdose While Driving …

The father of a woman who died behind the wheel of a fentanyl overdose alongside her husband—while her children were in the backseat—is speaking out after Florida Gov. Rick Scott signed a law enacting harsher penalties for drug traffickers last Thursday.

Heather Kelsey, 30, and Daniel Kelsey, 32, were found on the side of the road after snorting a powder that they likely believed was heroin on New Year’s Eve last year, the Orlando Sentinel reports. The drug was actually fentanyl, a synthetic drug that is cheaper and deadlier than heroin.

Their children were in the backseat of the car and had likely been there for more than 3 hours before police found them, the Sentinel said.

The children, ages 5, 2, and 1, live with Heather’s father, Mike Belisle, and his wife. 

“I think at this point they really do know that they’re gone and they’re not coming back. They have

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