3 Young Children Become Orphans After Mom Tragically Dies On Same Day As Dad’s Funeral

A Florida family was hit with tragedy again when the mother died of infection after giving birth to twins—the same day as her boyfriend’s funeral. According to the Palm Beach Post, 27-year-old Stephanie Caceres died Wednesday from an infection caused by the C-section she underwent 12 days prior. The twins’ father, Jevaughn Suckoo, died in a shooting on July 11.

Twins,  Jevaughn Jr. and Lailah, and the couple’s 2-year-old daughter, Kailanie, have been left as orphans. The pediatric office where Caceres worked is collecting money to help the children.

Per the Palm Beach Post26-year-old Suckoo (pictured below) was fatally shot outside of his gated apartment complex. Authorities ruled the death a homicide. “We’re going to find him. We’re going to catch him,” the victim’s father, Dwight Suckoo, said about the culprits. “You can be assured that we will find out who did it.”


Following the death of

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