New Photos Reveal Suicide Note Disney Star Wrote Before Committing Suicide

Disney star Michael Mantenuto, best known for his work in the sports film “Miracles,” comitted suicide in April of this year. The actor had shot himself in his car and was found by police is Des Moines, Washington. Now, police reveal that they have found his suicide note: a three-line message also discovered in his vehicle.

The note itself is currently being kept confidential and its contents have not been released to the public.

Also found inside the car was a black Glock 23 pistol, a multi-colored baseball cap, spare ammunition, a pack of bottled water, and a backpack. A bicycle was found in the trunk, Daily Mail reports.

Mantenuto had joined the military in 2010 after his film “Surfer, Dude” failed to perform well with audiences. He worked as a Special Forces soldier, stationed at Joint Base Lewis-McChord in Washington. In 2016 he was deployed

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