Woman Tries To Steal Man’s 1-Year-Old Kid After He Offers Her Ride

A woman in New Hampshire has been arrested for allegedly trying to kidnap a 1-year-old kid from her father. 25-year-old Joanne Shaw accepted a ride from a good Samaritan over the weekend and attempted to steal his daughter.

According to the police report, per PeopleShaw was walking alongside the road on Saturday. A 52-year-old man offered her a ride in his vehicle. She apparently got in and “told the male she was going to take his daughter and made attempts to unbuckle the 1-year-old, prompting a struggle to ensue.” The woman removed the keys from the car ignition and broke the key.

Shaw grabbed the child and then tried to escape on foot. The man caught up to her and she punched him twice, saying the child wasn’t safe with him. Shaw fought back when officers arrived and tried to handcuff her. 

The toddler remained unharmed in the incident.

Shaw has been charged with felony kidnapping, assault,

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