Mom Sends Angry Texts Before Killing 2 Kids And Mistress To Get Revenge On Cheating Husband

A mother of two who killed her husband’s mistress and her own two children before committing suicide allegedly did it all to punish her cheating husband.

Jessica Edens, 36, shot and killed Meredith Rahme, 28, in a parking garage in Greenville, South Carolina before shooting her children and then herself in a parked SUV earlier this month, according to CBS affiliate WSPA. In between shooting her children and herself she called her husband, police reported. She allegedly stole the gun used from her parents’ home.

Edens and her husband were estranged but she believed her husband cheated on her with Rahme when they were still together, according to CBS affiliate WSPA. In a social media post, Edens wrote, “This little girl has no self respect and no morals. She dates married men who have children and she doesn’t even want or like kids. Her character speaks enough for her. Remember

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