Dad Abandons Barefoot 10-Year-Old Daughter In Desert After Fight Over A Pen

An Arizona father allegedly abandoned his 10-year-old daughter alone in the Mojave Desert without shoes or water this weekend. According to People, he was angry at her after an argument about a pen.

Christopher Charles Watson, 28, was arrested Saturday for a felony charge of domestic child abuse.

“It is fortunate this kid didn’t end up in the wrong hands of someone,” Trish Carter of the Arizona’s Mohave County Sheriff’s Office, told People. “There are many predators out there these days. Luckily we didn’t have a major, sad ending.”

According to police, a woman called 911 after she saw a barefoot girl in pajamas crying and walking on asphalt. It was 91 degrees at the time. The girl told police that her dad left her over an argument about a pen.

“She placed the pen in the driver’s seat, and he wanted it in a certain spot and apparently she didn’t put it

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