3 Women Die In Horrific Car Crash Hours After Posting Snapchats Of Themselves Heavily Drinking

A fatal car crash in Bethel Park, Pennsylvania took the lives of three young women and left one critically injured. According to CBS Philadelphia, there is disturbing video of the women drinking heavily on Snapchat before the crash yesterday.

The crash occurred on Library Road before 1 a.m. Authorities found a Mitsubishi Outlander had collided with a telephone pole and split it. Power lines were also brought down as a result. Four women were in the car. The 21-year-old driver, Paige Nicole Smith, was pronounced dead at the scene, as was 17-year-old Heather Camisa. Bianca Herwig, 23, died after being taken to the hospital and 21-year-old Brookee Elizabeth, who was ejected from the vehicle, is in critical condition.

The latter’s sister says that the young women were not heavy partiers but that night was different. “Nothing crazy ever happened. But last night, things went to the left really quick.”

Per CBS, police believe that intoxication

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