Woman Accused Of Giving Fake Butt Implants Is Murdered In Suspected Revenge Attack

A Brazilian woman accused of giving illegal buttock augmentation procedures has been murdered in Rio de Janeiro. Marcilene Soares Gama, 49, was facing legal action over allegations that she posed as a doctor at the time of her murder on Saturday, according to the BBC.

A man was recorded on surveillance video entering Gama’s apartment before he tied her up, shot her in the face and dumped her body on a roadside. Police believe her murder was an act of revenge, according to TIME. At least 10 women have accused Gama of malpractice and impersonating a doctor.

“She never said she was a surgeon. People knew the risks, but they went ahead anyway,” Gama’s brother-in-law, Daniel Mofacto told O Dia. “But I do believe that she was murdered by a vengeful client.”

Gama had two children and was preparing to soon become a grandmother.

Buttock enhancements are one of the most popular plastic surgeries

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