Female Hunter Found Dead Of Apparent Suicide After Online Threats From Animal Activists

A female hunter is dead by apparent suicide amid claims that she was bullied by animal rights activists online. According to RTMelania Capitan was found dead at a farm in Huesca, Spain on Wednesday. The 27-year-old reportedly shot herself with a rifle and left a suicide note.

Capitan shared her love of hunting online with thousands of Instagram and Facebook followers. She had nearly 40,000 Facebook fans. Crime Online shares the young woman would sometimes post trophy photos of her kills, such as dead deer. With such a controversial lifestyle, RT explains that Capitan was reportedly flooded with messages and threats by those who were against hunting. 

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Despite her controversial posts, according to El Mundo, a close friend says that the cyber bullying was not the reason that Capitan killed herself. The person reportedly cited “personal problems.”


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