Man Kills Ex’s Mom And Daughter In Front Of Her

An Arkansas man forced his ex-girlfriend watch him kill her mother and teenage daughter. Before that, he allegedly shot a police lieutenant to death.

Arkansas State Police claim that 42-year-old James Bowden shot 46-year-old Yell County Deputy Lieutenant Kevin Mainhart during a traffic stop Thursday morning in Dardanelle. According to PEOPLE, Mainhart was responding to a domestic disturbance call and he noticed that Bowden’s vehicle could be associated with the alleged dispute. Mainhart was fatally shot soon after getting out of his patrol car.

Police arrived at the Haley McHam’s home, Bowden’s ex-girlfriend. McHam shared the home with her mother and daughter. According to the report, police found the bodies of 61-year-old Rita Miller and 17-year-old Ciara Miller. Bowden was allegedly holding McHam hostage.

A standoff with officers ensued for five hours. McHam was able to flee after Bowden allegedly took pain pills and entered the attached garage in search of food.


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