Girls Auto Clinic Is Empowering Women To Become Mechanics…Or "sheCANics"

Patrice Banks is part of Oxygen’s digital series In Progress 52. In 2016, Oxygen’s Very Real digital hub is featuring 52 of these outstanding women: that’s one woman a week, for 52 weeks. Check out the series here!

By now, very few industries remain completely untouched by feminism. Yet, every woman knows about that one glaring holdout: car maintenance.

Always male and almost always brusque, car mechanics have a universal way of alienating women – whether they’re overcharging us, condescending to us, or forcing us to wait in a fumy garage surrounded by greasy dudes. Even though female drivers outnumber male drivers in the U.S., we’ve largely accepted this reality. Many of us even tell ourselves that we don’t belong in the mechanics industry, or that we have no business going under the hood, ever.

Not Patrice Banks. She does it all in heels.

Banks is the founder of Girls Auto Clinic in Philadelphia, where

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