Shayna Hubers: Nose Job Killer ‘Snapped’ When She Killed Lover Ryan Poston, Watch On Oxygen Tonight

The case of Shayna Hubers takes center stage again in the new episode of Snapped on Oxygen. Shayna Hubers, dubbed the “Nose Job Killer,” shot her boyfriend, Ryan Poston, to death in his Kentucky condo four years ago. The former college student was sentenced to 40 years in prison but has recently been granted a new trial. On tonight’s Snapped, acquaintances of Shayna Hubers and Ryan Poston will give some background information on the story, and the local police who worked and solved the crime will also weigh in.

Shayna Hubers on Snapped

They say Shayna Hubers is the perfect example of the crazy girlfriend who everyone should fear. Ryan Poston didn’t take his gut feeling about her seriously when they first began

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