Mariah Carey’s New Boo Opened Up About Their Relationship

In case you’re not up to date with Mariah Carey’s current love life, do not fret. I got you. So first, she and her billionaire boyfriend broke up, which appeared to be his doing because Mimi now wants to sue him for $50 million. Why? For wasting her time. No, seriously. But then, she quickly rebounded in a J.Lo-esque move (a woman whom she claims she doesn’t know) by hooking up with her backup dancer, Bryan Tanaka.

Now, the two are hellbent on making this relationship a thing. First, there were those awkward photos on the beach (that Wendy Williams hilariously eviscerated on her show) and now, there’s this interview with E! News.

At the official premiere party for Mariah’s upcoming E! reality show, Mariah’s World, Bryan got to talking about the two, while Mariah remained hush-mouthed in her separate interview about the new fling- I mean, budding love.

“I’ve always had

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