Paul Michael Merhige: Deadly Thanksgiving Dinner Shooting In Jupiter, Florida, Airing On ‘Homicide For The Holidays …

The Oxygen Network is airing their “Deadly Thanksgiving” episode this weekend on Homicide for the Holidays. The story is based on the fatal shootings that occurred in Jupiter, Florida, seven years ago.

Authorities say Paul Michael Merhige pretended to enjoy his Thanksgiving dinner before he fired multiple shots, killing four of his family members and wounding two others. Homicide for the Holidays will interview surviving family members and law enforcement, who will share the traumatic events. Paul Michael Merhige is in prison serving multiple life sentences for the deaths of his twin sisters and a cousin’s small child.

Thanksgiving Dinner Ends In Massive Bloodshed

The deadly Thanksgiving massacre ripped through headlines in November of 2009. Florida detectives say they were called out to the scene, where they found

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