Wendy Williams Had Some Tea Of Her Own To Spill About Kanye West’s Rants

Wendy Williams reported on Kanye West’s breakdown over the weekend, but it was before West actually had some kind of breakdown or medical emergency and was hospitalized for his “own health and safety.” Hard to say if she’s regretting her tone today or not, but I think most people who blog playfully about West when he goes on a tear might be (ahem).

In her segment, Williams delights in West’s decision to go off on Beyoncé and Jay Z, because it gives her an opportunity to say that most award shows are rigged, and a lot of big stars won’t show unless they know they’re winning the big award. That’s some hot goss.

Though Williams criticizes West for cancelling his show (for reasons that would become clear within 24 hours of airing her criticisms on TV), she seems to think that Jay

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