Listen To The Accent Lindsay Lohan Made Up For Herself

Um, you guys? I’m not even going to ask if Lindsay Lohan is okay. She’s not okay! Can someone help her? She’s had a lot of things going on lately! And one of those things, apparently, is the invention of an entirely new accent which she has affected in recent interviews for no apparent reason.

Part Icelandic, part Australian, part British, and part Whovian: the new accent was debuted (does one debut an accent? what is even going on?) in an interview in Athens. Here’s video of Lohan’s new speaking voice:

And for comparison, here’s what Lohan sounded like just a few years ago:

Concerned internet denizens wondered if the accent was a sign of some psychotic break, but Lohan assured fans and foes alike that something else is going on: “It’s a mixture of most of the languages I can understand or am trying to learn,” she

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