Susan Walls: On ‘Snapped’ Wife, Daughter Had Alleged Abusive Dad, Larry Walls, Murdered In Unionville, Tennessee …

Susan Walls and her daughter, Dawn, had Larry Walls killed in his home in Unionville, four years ago. This Sunday, Oxygen’s gripping TV crime series will air the story on Snapped. Authorities say that Susan Walls, along with her daughter, Dawn Walls, hired some friends to do the killing. The murder was supposed to be disguised as a robbery or a home invasion, but investigators later found out the truth. It is believed Susan Jo Walls killed Larry Walls because he allegedly abused family members both sexually and physically. Appearing on Snapped is David Veile, the criminal defense attorney; Nitasha Groves, a friend of Susan Walls; Mike Randles, the assistant district attorney general; Richard Cawley, assistant district attorney; Russ Winkler, TBI special agent; and Brian Mosely, a journalist with the Shelbyville Times Gazette.

If the name Shelbyville sounds familiar, it is because the Inquisitr recently profiled the disappearance case of

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