Beyonce Doesn’t Like Kim Kardashian, So Blue Ivy And Jay Z Can’t Come Over

Kanye West went off on Jay Z in the middle of a concert, airing all his grievances, including the fact that Jay Z never came by the house after Kim Kardashian got robbed at gunpoint. He called, but he didn’t put in a personal appearance. That’s not too surprising right? Beyoncé and Jay Z didn’t even come to Kanye’s wedding, and weddings have an open bar.

From there, West went on to complain that Blue Ivy has never invited North West over for a playdate. If Kanye were my friend, I’d say to him, “Honey, he’s just not that into you.” But Page Six is reporting that actually, Beyoncé is just not that into Kim Kardashian.

A source tells them that Queen Bey is not trying to be Kim’s friend, no matter how much music pushes them in

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