The Internet Hilariously Erupted After Trump’s "Nasty Woman" Comment

Last night’s debate was…something else, to put it politely. There were plenty of highlights of the night – and by “highlights” I mean “depressing moments that make you want to drink and never stop” – but what’s really taken over social media is Donald Trump‘s “nasty woman” jibe.

While Hillary Clinton was discussing social security, Trump leaned into his mic to interrupt her, muttering the words, “Such a nasty woman.” It’s not everyday that you see a presidential candidate resort to straight-up name calling while his opponent is speaking, but luckily, the internet did what it does best— take depressing real-life things and make them hilarious…and maybe even empowering.

Take a break from googling “How to move to Canada” and check out some of the funniest posts inspired by Trump’s now-infamous insult.

1. Clinton couldn’t resist a mic drop moment.