Bobby Shmurda Lashed Out At Lawyer In Court, Says He Was Forced Into Plea Deal

The infuriating and sad case of Bobby Shmurda grows increasingly frustrating as new claims about his most recent plea deal are now coming from Shmurda himself. The young rapper is now saying that he was forced by his lawyers into taking a ridiculous bargain, landing him seven years in jail.

According to TMZ, Shmurda is attempting to have the plea thrown out entirely and during the trial, even told his lawyer he wanted to fire him. 

The judge, who has been rather unsympathetic to Shmurda throughout (despite legitimate questions about the credibility of the arresting officers in the case), was uninterested in hearing Bobby’s request. Shmurda, meanwhile, is still insisting he took the deal in an attempt to help a friend.

It doesn’t look like Shmurda will be getting out of this, but at least the 21 months he’s already been in jail (can you believe that? 21 months!) will

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