50 Cent And His Son’s Mother Are Fighting Dirty On Instagram

50 Cent is back at it again with the social media pettiness, but his son’s mother – Shaniqua Tompkins – is behaving just as badly.

50 and Tompkins – who’s the mother of his 20-year-old son Marquise – recently got into it when 50 decided to publicly and joyously count down the days until he could legally stop paying child support for his oldest son. It wasn’t a good look, and it’s probably part of why 50 and Tompkins have been beefing on social media for what feels like years.

Tompkins reignited the beef when she posted a photo of 50’s alleged “secret son” – who turned out to just be a look alike that he cares for – and captioned it, “Look at his Boy with Red Bottoms…Going to public School in Brooklyn…That’s a real good look!”

I’d say throwing shade at a child just to get back at a

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