Drake’s Been Dating India Love Which Has Pissed Off His Ex—Her Sister

It was recently deduced that Rihanna and Drake are definitely over, and he’s been running around with Instagram model India Love. Apparently, Love’s sister Crystal Westbrooks wasn’t too happy about that, because she also dated Drake in the past (how does he find the time?!). While it’s understandable that she’d be upset, it’s weird that she’s surprised. This story makes it seem like the same 30 people or so date each other off and on, then break up, then get back together. You’d think that with all that money and fame, it’d be easy to find a date with a woman you’ve never sat across from at a family meal, but whatever. Sure, date a girl, then date her sister!

Westbrook has since deleted what seem like shady comments about Love’s involvement with Drake, and her entire account, but The Shade Room grabbed

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