Is Professionalism Dead?

Social media might be the grim reaper for professionalism. As the age of social media unfolds around us, the repercussions of being constantly visible and active online are beginning to manifest in increasingly tangible ways. Consistently, social media is proving that professionalism is on its way out, replaced by egos and entitlement in an era where saying whatever you feel like online is, for some, an expectation rather than a privilege.

In a recent study, The Harvard Business Review found that people are connected, on average, with 16 co-workers online, and that 40-60% of hiring managers use social media to screen candidates. For this reason, the casualness suggested by the term “social” seems misleading given that professional relationships and even careers can hinge on a person’s profile. Because of the increasingly blurred lines between the professional and the personal, many might not even realize the real-life manifestation of their digital presence. A

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