Loretta Burroughs: ‘Snapped’ Takes Chilling Look At Killer Grandmother Who Kept Husband’s Dismembered Body …

Loretta Burroughs, also known as Loretta Tokash Doyle, was a grandmother who killed her third husband, Daniel Burroughs, and kept his chopped up body parts in boxes in her closet. Snapped on the Oxygen Network will air her story tonight, according to their website. Authorities say that Loretta Burroughs wanted to keep her husband near after she killed him in their New Jersey home six years prior. For the crime, she is doing time in a New Jersey correctional facility. Guests who will appear on Snapped include former acquaintances, police investigators, and family members of the victim.

In September 2007, Loretta Burroughs told friends and family members that her husband, Daniel Burroughs left her and took off with a waitress

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