Carman Jenkins, Clarence Jenkins: ‘Snapped Killer Couples’—Polygamy Dismemberment Case Out Of South Carolina …

Carman Jenkins and Clarence Jenkins, a pair of South Carolina killers, are the latest deadly duo to air on Snapped: Killer Couples. Authorities say that Carman Jenkins and her husband, Clarence Jenkins, slaughtered and dismembered innocent victim, Mekole Harris, to bully Grace Davis into coming back to their marital home to continue their three-way marriage. Carman Jenkins is serving 40 years in prison. Clarence Jenkins was sentenced to life.

From Church Girl To Killer

They say Carman Jenkins was a good girl. She loved going to church and had a sweet disposition. However, the minute that she came involved with Clarence Jenkins, an ex-con who manipulated her through brainwashing and sex, her entire life changed.

Clarence Jenkins was the type of man who liked total control over his women. He would take them to bed and use his sexual skill to twist womens’ emotions to the point that they would be willing

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