Giselle Esteban: ‘Snapped’ Spotlights Ex-Friend Who Lured, Killed California Nurse, Michelle Le

Giselle Esteban, the woman who killed her best friend, Michelle Le, five years ago, will have her story spotlighted for the second time this year on Snapped on the Oxygen Network. This past March, the Inquisitr brought you Giselle Esteban’s story when it aired on Investigation Discovery’s See No Evil. Michelle Le was a missing nursing student who disappeared but was later found murdered. Giselle Esteban is currently serving time for the murder.

Oxygen’s Snapped will recount how Michelle Le, a nursing student at Kaiser Permanente Medical Center, vanished into thin air in May 2011. The young nursing student, who was in class shortly before she disappeared, told her professor that she needed to go out to her car to retrieve some medication. The car was parked inside the hospital’s parking garage. Her worried professor decided to look for her when Michelle Le failed to return.

Classmates and the professor

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