Andia Winslow Will Motivate You To Exercise Anywhere. Yes, Anywhere.

Andia Winslow is part of Oxygen’s digital series In Progress 52. In 2016, Oxygen’s Very Real digital hub is featuring 52 of these outstanding women: that’s one woman a week, for 52 weeks. Check out the series here!

Andia Winslow is a master certified fitness professional who co-created the popular online series and endeavor, The Fit Cycle. Launched with her best friend and filmmakerMonique Walton, The Fit Cycle addresses the correlation between low-income households and bad health. 

Winslow graced us with a visit (and an office workout) at Oxygen, proving just how active she is every second of the day, and how stiff we’ve all become from our day-to-day routines. By being a light of beauty, humor, and constant movement- Winslow makes it obvious that we don’t have to be inactive slobs. There’s more that can be done to imrpove our health, even when we’re unable to go to the imaginary gym we’re not

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