Derrick Todd Lee: ‘It Takes A Killer’–‘Ghost Of Baton Rouge’ Serial Killer Returns From Dead In Oxygen Documentary

Derrick Todd Lee, the Baton Rouge serial killer known as the “Ghost of Baton Rouge,” has inspired another television crime documentary based on his case. The latest documentary airing the story is the Oxygen show It Takes A Killer. The name of the episode is appropriately titled, “The Ghost Of Baton Rouge.” Louisiana law enforcement will help provide the narrative. Derrick Todd Lee was sentenced to death for the murder of his victims. He died in prison in 2016 from heart disease.

In this episode of It Takes A Killer, Baton Rouge investigators have a slew of female bodies on their hands. The victims have all been bound, sexually assaulted, and tortured. Police exact a profile of the killer, indicating that the

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