Peggy Thomas, Jim Huden: ‘Snapped Killer Couples’ Details Whidbey Island Murder Case Involving Sultry Beauty …

The Peggy Thomas, Jim Huden case will premiere on Oxygen’s Snapped Killer Couples this weekend for your crime-viewing pleasure. Peggy Thomas is best remembered as the drop-dead gorgeous beauty queen who spent time in prison for her part in the murder of her best friend’s husband, Russel Douglas, along with her former lover, Jim Huden. On Oxygen’s documentary TV crime series, detectives who worked the Whidbey Island case will discuss the salacious murder, along with acquaintances who knew Peggy Sue Thomas.


Everyone who knew Peggy Thomas will tell you that she was absolutely stunning, turning heads everywhere she went and attracting the attention of both men and women along the way.

It wasn’t always that way for Peggy, whose old

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