Catherine Stanek-Cousins, Timothy Koile: Suburban Wife Sex Scandal To Air On Oxygen’s ‘Snapped: Killer Couples’

Catherine Stanek-Cousins, the Florida widow who killed her husband, Sean Cousins, and had his body dumped in a creek to be with her lover, Timothy Koile, will be the subject matter for the next Snapped: Killer Couples on Oxygen. The hit-television crime series examines some of America’s most chilling murders that were committed by lovers. For killing her husband, Catherine Stanek-Cousins, also known as Cathy Stanek-Cousins and Kathy Stanek, was convicted of her husband’s murder. Listen in as members of law enforcement and acquaintances tell the tragic story.

Catherine Stanek-Cousins was a suburban wife who had grown tired of her three-year marriage to Sean Cousins, a pilot for the Caribbean airline Air Jamaica. However, her luck in the romance department changed after she saw Timothy Koile, a handsome man who moved into the neighborhood. Immediately sparks flew, and before long, they were in a hot and heavy sexual relationship.

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