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The Only Survivor of the Derrick Todd Lee Murders

The author’s description: Divine Justice: The Dianne Alexander Story is inspired by an actual event. It gives in depth details about my encounter with The Southwest Louisiana Serial Killer “Derrick Todd Lee.” But most of all, the book speaks about divine interventions from the beginning to the end of my horrible ordeal. I pray that this book will help you to see that God is a God of “Love and Forgiveness.”

Esteemed Surgeon Attacks Woman With Lacrosse Stick And Trashes Porsche

A renowned Texas surgeon was arrested last week after assaulting a family member with a lacrosse stick and causing $10,000 in damages to a luxury 2006 Porsche convertible. The Dallas Morning News reports 51-year-old David Park Mason, 51, Chief of Thoracic Surgery and Lung Transplantation at Dallas’ Baylor University Medical Center, has been charged with assaulting a family member. It is unclear, however, what the relationship is between the doctor and the woman he is accused of attacking.

Mason’s bio at the Baylor Scott White Health website says the Boston, Massachusetts native is married with four children. “Their family enjoys outdoor activities such as biking, skiing, and all water sports,” it says, and that Mason “keeps fit through running and weight training.” The attack occurred in Southlake, Texas, a wealthy suburb of the Dallas / Fort Worth Metropolitan area, where Mason lives with his family and the average

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1-Month-Old Dies After Parents Allegedly Didn’t Check On Him For 6 Hours

Authorities are investigating the death of a 1-month-old baby boy and believe that the parents’ gross neglect was to blame. According to WFTVinvestigators believe that the newborn from Cocoa, Florida died because his parents didn’t check in on him for six hours.

The mother, 19-year-old Superiah Campbell, and the father, 21-year-old Cameron Dowden, have both been charged with manslaughter in the death of their son Cameron Dowden Jr.

On May 10, authorities responded to a 911 call from the parents, who said the newborn wasn’t breathing. The Orlando Sentinel reports emergency personnel arrived on scene to find the infant unresponsive in his crib 

The Medical Examiner’s Office hasn’t released cause of death but investigators believe the pillows and blankets surrounding the child could have suffocated him. 

Police say they have evidence the parents neglected the child and believe the child was not checked on for at least six hours. “By failing to

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Armed Man Dressed As Rambo Arrested At Phoenix Comic Con

An armed man, who witnesses described to be dressed as Rambo, was arrested at Phoenix Comic Con on Thursday. According to ABC News, 31-year-old Matthew Sterling allegedly posted on social media that he wanted to kill Phoenix Police officers. Authorities believe the suspect also took photographs of officers at the comic convention and posted them with threatening messages on social media according to AZ Central. Sterling also reportedly threatened a performer at the event who was not identified. 

Police said the man had several handguns, a shotgun, knives, and ammunition.

His identity has not been released.

Sterling struggled with officers before his arrest, according to ABC. He was jailed on suspicion of attempted murder, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, wearing body armor during the commission of a felony, resisting, and also for carrying a weapon in a prohibited place.

[Photo courtesy of Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office]


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Missouri Mother Poisons 9-Year-Old Son, Gets 25 Years

Missouri mother Rachel Kinsella was found guilty of covertly poisoning her 9-year-old son over the course of a year with prescription drugs. The jury decided that Kinsella had deliberately misled doctors about the medicine she was administering to her child.

According to STL Today, Kinsella’s son Patrick was removed from his mother’s care after a hospital visit in 2015. In 2014, Patrick had seizures at school and was hospitalized for upwards of ten months.

Kinsella had purchased medicine from pharmacies in the area, despite having received the appropriate drugs from the hospital. She did not tell doctors and pharmicists that her son was already getting treatment.

Doctors were perplexed by Patrick’s symptoms which included seizures, hallucinations, and problems walking and breathing. He was given dozens of blood treatments and surgeries while experts attempted to figure out what was wrong. Now living with his grandparents, Patrick now has no major health problems.

“I never

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Suspected Semen Tosser Caught After Returning To The Scene Of The Crime

A Beaverton, Oregon man suspected of throwing semen on unsuspecting women was arrested Thursday in the parking lot of a store where a previous attack occurred. Portland’s KOIN reports detectives were conducting a follow-up investigation at a local Safeway store when they noticed a man fitting the suspect’s description sitting in a car similar to the one described by victims. They arrested 47-year-old Manuel Banuelos-Alcala at the scene and charged him with two counts of third-degree sexual abuse.

Portland police released photos of the suspect and his car last week following a semen-throwing incident in the same store that Wednesday. A police spokesman said Banuelos-Alcala is suspected of similar behavior at three other area grocery stores, according to The Oregonian newspaper. In fact, they even fear he may have spread his bodily fluid on another unsuspecting victim in that same Safeway, mere moments before his arrest.

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Man Allegedly Tried To Bite Flight Attendant Before Jumping From Airplane

A man is accused of trying to bite a flight attendant before jumping out of a plane onto the tarmac at Charlotte-Douglas International Airport on Thursday.

According to a federal complaint, 22-year-old Tun Lon Sein was on an American Airlines flight when he attempted to bite a flight attendant, opened the exit door and jumped onto an active ramp. According to WCNC, the document stated Sein refused to return to his seat and attempted to bite the flight attendant’s hand in order to reach the door.

When Sein jumped down to the tarmac below, two employees working on the tarmac stopped him from running onto an active taxiway, according to ABC News. From there, the man was transported to a medical facility.

“Sein spoke little or no English during these events,” the document stated,”However, circumstances surrounding his actions show that Sein understood the directions of the F/A, as well as the safety requirements

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Naked Florida Man Steals Pickup Carrying Large Swan Sculpture

Surveillance video showed a naked man in Polk County, Florida stealing a pickup truck with a large swan in the back.

According to WPTV, Ronald Thompson was caught on video naked, a bucket in front of him.

Police said he broke into a storage unit last weekend and left with a truck carrying a large checkered swan art sculpture in the bed.

Thompson was arrested and deputies recovered the pickup truck, but the swan is still missing.

The swan’s owner said he would like the public to keep an eye out for his swan. It was in the truck because it was getting a new paint job.

According to the Orlando Sentinel, the sculpture is worth an estimated $25,000.

Police do not know why the man was naked.

[Photos courtesy of WPTV]

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Woman Allegedly Raped At Logan Airport Massage Studio

An employee at a Logan International Airport massage studio was arrested for allegedly raping a customer on Sunday. According to NECN, Darnell E. Williams, 29, of Boston is charged with rape. Massachusetts State Police said he worked for the Be Relax Massage Studio inside Terminal B, and raped a 25-year-old woman while giving her a massage.

The victim, who is from another state, went to the studio for a massage while waiting for her flight to depart. The victim told police that about 35 minutes into the hour-long massage, Williams allegedly assaulted the woman while she was lying down. The alleged victim immediately asked him to stop but police say Williams continued to touch her inappropriately before he exited the room.

After the incident police reported the woman was in a “distraught state and became physically ill in the airport,” according to the New York Post. “She continued to be

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Mother Allegedly Smothered Baby To Death While Stoned, Baby Also Had Marijuana In Its System From Breastfeeding

A Pennsylvania woman has been arrested for the smothering death of her baby last year.

Arissa K. Ward, 23, of Middletown, is charged with involuntary manslaughter and endangering the welfare of a child. According to a report by WHTN, Ward’s 2-month-old son was found dead in December.

Ward allegedly told investigators she drank alcohol and smoked marijuana before falling asleep with the baby on a couch, according to a criminal complaint filed Thursday.

“When you choose to sleep with your child, there is a danger that a tragedy could happen,” Dauphin County District Attorney Ed Marsico said.

An autopsy confirmed the death was “caused by complications of traumatic asphyxia combined with smothering,” according to the report.

Marsico said the baby had 0.65 nanograms of marijuana in his system.

“Because she was breastfeeding her child, the child had marijuana in his system,” Marsico said. “Despite whatever debate there is about marijuana legalization, I think we can

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Intoxicated Father Backs Up And Kills 5-Year-Old Son, Then The Family Tries To Cover It Up

A Michigan father was allegedly drunk and high on controlled substances when he backed over and killed his 5-year-old son in March. The child, Blaze Williamson, was playing in the family’s driveway. The father, along with the mother and a family friend, are all charged with lying to police about who was behind the wheel during the deadly incident.

According to Michigan Live, the father, 42-year-old Ryan Williamson, has two prior convictions of operating while intoxicated and also does not have a valid driver’s license.

Saginaw County Sheriff William Federspiel says the mom, dad, son and another person had just gotten back from a bar and started arguing when the father decided to leave. Police believe Williamson had both alcohol and unspecified controlled substances in his system. Deputies were initially told by the family that a family friend was driving the SUV, but witnesses said the father was actually driving the vehicle,

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