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Green River Killer Gary Ridgway has likely murdered more women who may never be found, says former FBI profiler

There was nothing remarkable at all about him to suggest that he could be a violent offender at the level that he was,” said a former FBI profiler about Green River Killer Gary Ridgway.

“There was nothing remarkable at all about him to suggest that he could be a violent offender at the level that he was,” said a former FBI profiler about “Green River Killer” Gary Ridgway.

When Mary Ellen O’Toole was face-to-face with the so-called Green River Killer, she was shocked by what she saw.

“He’s kind of a quiet guy,” the former FBI profiler told Fox News about murderer Gary Ridgway, who is convicted of 49 murders but suspected of many more. “I want to say, this word is not the best word, but

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Green River Killer Gary Ridgway has likely murdered more women who may never be found, says former FBI prof…

Green River Killer possibly killed more womenVideo

Green River Killer possibly killed more women

A new episode of Oxygen’s ‘Criminal Confessions’ is featuring the case of Gary Ridgway, the ‘Green River Killer.’ Former FBI profiler says he has likely murdered more women who may never be found.

When Mary Ellen O’Toole was finally face-to-face with the so-called Green River Killer, she was shocked by what she saw.

“He’s kind of a quiet guy,” the former FBI profiler told Fox News about murderer Gary Ridgway, who is convicted of 49 murders but suspected of many more. “I want to say, this word is not the best word, but he comes across as being respectful. He could smile, he smiled,” she said.

“He had a sense of humor, not a great one, but he did. He responded to questions. You could have a conversation with him. There was

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The Secret TV Producer: from creation to consumption, women are killing it in true crime

The Secret TV Producer is i‘s industry insider. In this new series he’ll be exploring what today’s TV trends and obsessions reveal about Britain

There was a time before Making a Murderer when true crime in US TV circles meant shows like the Discovery ID network’s Fear Thy Neighbour. This kind of TV follows a very simple formula. Over an hour, including ad breaks, someone kills or maims someone they know, the police investigate with redoubtable professionalism, justice is served by the relevant authorities and a bad person is sent to prison or strapped to an electric chair and humanely toasted to death.

You won’t find a lot of mystery in this kind of TV. Another Discovery ID series, Wives With Knives, tells you in the title who died, who did it, and how. There’s seldom much detail either: once you know who died and who did it, all that matters is how and why; and these programmes

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Florida Women Charged And Cops Investigated After A Marshall’s Robbery Turned Deadly

It started with two women suspected of stealing from a Marshall’s clothing store in Orlando, Florida. It ended in a botched getaway and police shooting and killing the alleged thieves’ driver.

Jocelyn Villot, 32, and Brittany Chandler, 26, had initially faced murder charges after the robbery because it led to the death of their getaway driver, 32-year-old Juan Alberto Silva, according to an arrest report obtained by Oxygen.com. Orange County prosecutors decided last week not to press the murder charges because the pair did not encourage anyone to commit a violent act, an assistant state attorney told the Orlando Sentinel. The two women are still charged with grand theft and resisting arrest. 

Florida state police are also investigating the police shooting and will hand their report to state prosecutors. They will ultimately decide whether to charge the Orlando officers for shooting the driver, who appeared to be attempting to flee the scene. 

The confrontation began

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USC Gynecologist Accused Of Misconduct Said Women Were Jealous And Couldn’t Orgasm, Report Says

A University of Southern California gynecologist who is accused of sexual misconduct dating to the 1990s said some women who reported him were jealous because they couldn’t reach orgasms or look like his younger patients, according to a report.

Dr. George Tyndall worked at USC for nearly 30 years, despite complaints about his conduct coming as early as 2000, the Los Angeles Times reported. 

The first complaints made against Tyndall came from coworkers and professional chaperones who accompanied students to doctor visits. Many noted that Tyndall had been taking pictures of his patients’ genitals. At least eight official complaints filed between 2000 and 2014 alleged that Tyndall made suggestive comments about patients’ bodies and would often touch them in ways that had no medical purpose.

More recently, complaints suggested that Tyndall had specifically been targeting the school’s Chinese students, many of whom had a limited understanding of English.

“I was blindly trusting of

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Michigan State To Pay $500 Million To Women And Girls Abused By Larry Nassar

Sexual abuse victims of disgraced gymnastics Dr. Larry Nassar and Michigan State University have reached a settlement in principle in which the university will pay $500 million, attorneys for both sides said in a joint statement on Wednesday.

Under the settlement, $425 million will be paid to the 332 victims represented in current litigation, while the university will set aside another $75 million in a trust fund which could go to future plaintiffs who allege they were abused by Nassar, the attorneys said.

“This historic settlement came about through the bravery of more than 300 women and girls who had the courage to stand up and refuse to be silenced,” plaintiffs’ attorney John Manly said.

“Michigan State is pleased that we have been able to agree in principle on a settlement that is fair to the survivors of Nassar’s crimes,” said Robert Young, special counsel to the university.

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Prosecutors Investigate Actor Ed Westwick After Three Women Accuse Him Of Assault

Authorities do not think that the multiple sexual assault allegations against actor Ed Westwick are merely gossip.

The former WB star of “Gossip Girl” is being investigated by the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office, according to People.

Three women came forward last year and alleged that the 30-year-old Brit actor raped them in 2014. 

Prosecutor spokesman Greg Risling tells People that the office was presented with a case by L.A. police on March 20 and “it is under review.” It is not known publicly which of the former accusations specifically catalyzed this investigation. Westwick’s attorneys were not available to comment on Wednesday to People and his reps deferred inquiries to the legal team.

On November 8, an actress accused Westwick of rape in a detailed Facebook post. The accuser, Kristina Cohen, claims she fell asleep at Westwick’s home where both she and her then-boyfriend, a producer, were guests. She woke up to Westwick allegedly assaulting her. A portion

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Rosendo Rodriguez III Executed For Murder Of Two Women | Crime …

A man who killed two women before disposing of their bodies in suitcases was executed by lethal injection in Texas on Tuesday evening.

Rosendo Rodriguez III, 38, also known as the “suitcase killer” was convicted of the 2005 murder of 29-year-old Summer Baldwin, who was ten weeks pregnant and a mother of four. While in prison he confessed to another killing: the death of Joanna Rogers, a 16-year-old girl whom Rodriguez met in a chatroom, according to CBS News. Rogers went missing in 2004 and her mummified remains were found in 2006. The human remains of both women were found inside two separate suitcases, both of which ended up at the San Antonio city dump. Rodriguez was additionally connected to five sexual assaults, including to that of his high school girlfriend.

Before his execution, Rodriguez was asked if he had a final statement. He responded by a speaking for seven minutes,

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Women Arrested For Taking Children to Vandalize Mosque In Arizona

Two women allegedly vandalized a mosque in Tempe, Arizona while making disparaging remarks towards Muslims. Even worse, they had children with them. Oh yeah, and one of the women allegedly posted a video documentation of the incident to her Facebook page.

Tahnee Gonzales (whose profile picture is at the top of this story) and Elizabeth Dauenhauer were arrested on Thursday afternoon. Both women face felony burglary charges, according to Arizona Central, a local USA Today paper.

A video on Gonzales’ Facebook page on March 4 appears to show the women, in addition to three children, at the Islamic Community Center of Tempe. They allegedly steal pamphlets and brochures and encourage the kids to help them. 

“Look at this mosque, this ugly mosque here,” a female voice says in the video. The same voice goes on to call Muslims “Satan-worshippers.” One of the children can be heard chiming in saying, “they smell

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Police Looking For 5 Women Who Stole $150000 From Boxer At Jay-Z’s Club

Authorities are looking for five women who allegedly stole more than $150,000 of cash and jewelry from a professional boxer. Investigators believe that the women robbed boxer Jermall Charlo while he was at Jay-Z’s 40/40 sports club in New York City on Sunday.

The incident went down following a dispute involving Charlo, according to CBS News. Charlo allegedly got into a dispute with someone and that turned into a physical altercation. When the boxer returned to the place that he was sitting, a bag containing approximately $40,000 in cash and $115,000 worth of jewelry was gone.

Surveillance video spotted five women leaving the Manhattan establishment with the bag.

Authorities are now on the hunt for the women who are described as: a white woman, 5-foot-10, 165 pounds, long straight blonde hair, wearing a dress and jacket and carrying a blue bag, a Hispanic woman, 4-10, 150, black hair,

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