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Mario Batali Is Being Investigated By The NYPD For Allegedly Assaulting A Woman In A ‘Rape Room’

The NYPD is investigating celebrity chef Mario Batali after accusations emerged that he drugged and sexually assaulted a woman in a private room at a posh Manhattan restaurant.

The woman told 60 Minutes Sunday that, while she worked at Batali’s Babbo restaurant in 2005, he invited her to a party at the Spotted Pig, a restaurant with celebrity investors including Jay-Z and Michael Stipe.

The Spotted Pig featured an exclusive third-floor playroom where celebrities can party in private, according to the New York Times. But it earned a notorious nickname: the “Rape Room.” 

The woman said Batali brought her there and started kissing her before she blacked out. She said she woke up near dawn on the floor, surrounded by broken bottles, with deep scratches in one of her legs.

“The first thing I think is ‘I’ve been drugged.’ That was the first thing I thought, that I’ve been assaulted,” the woman told 60 Minutes. 

She said she

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Who Is Ruth Correa? Woman Arrested In Grisly Murders of Lindquist Family

Ruth Correa stands accused of one of the most terrifying crimes in recent history — a Connecticut home invasion and arson that turned deadly for an entire family. But who is the young woman?

Correa, a 23-year-old mom of two, has been living in the same Hartford, Connecticut home for the past two years and has no prior arrests, WFSB in Hartford reported. Her father is a state Department of Correction officer.

She appeared in Superior Court in New London on Monday after being arrested for the killings of Kenneth and Janet Lindquist and their son Matthew, and was charged with three counts of felony murder and a single count of murder of two or more persons at the same time. 

She’s also charged with home invasion, first-degree arson and first-degree robbery. Correa has not yet entered a plea for any of the charges and she is being held on a

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Second Transgender Woman Found Dead In Dallas Within One Week

A transgender woman has been found dead in Dallas for the second time in just one week.

A kayaker spotted the body of a black transgender woman floating in White Rock Creek Saturday night. The body was “in a severe state of decomposition,” police said. She was wearing a black shirt and black scrub pants, with no tattoos or distinct markings. 

It’s unclear how the woman died, and she has not been identified. Investigators have ruled the death unexplained pending further tests from the medical examiner’s office. 

Police are asking for information in identifying her and said anonymous tips can be sent through the iWatch Dallas app: http://dallas.iwatch911.us/

The gruesome discovery came just days after another transgender woman was found murdered in the area.

Police said Carla Patricia Flores-Pavon, 26 (below), was found unconscious in her apartment last Wednesday, and she was pronounced dead at a hospital. Police said she was strangled to death. Witnesses told police they

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Connecticut Woman Charged For Triple Murder Of Family, Burning Down Their House

A grisly triple murder, home invasion and fire that shocked a sleepy Connecticut neighborhood have led to one suspect’s arrest, and more busts may be on the way, police said.

Ruth Correa, 23, appeared in court Monday on charges for the deaths of Kenneth and Janet Lindquist, as well as their son Matthew. Correa is charged with murder, home invasion, robbery and torching the Lindquist’s house after the killings last December. She did not enter a plea.

Police had initially considered Matthew Lindquist a person of interest in the murder of his parents, whose burned bodies were discovered inside the home. But several months later, on May 5, police found Matthew’s body near the site of the fire, according to WFSB-TV in Hartford. 

New details about the crime emerged Monday, which indicate Kenneth and Janet Lindquist suffered severe blunt trauma to the head, according to the Hartford Courant. Kenneth Lindquist reportedly died

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Woman Throws Ashes Of Niece Who Died In LAPD Custody At Police Chief

Ashes to ashes, disgust over a bust.

A woman whose niece died in Los Angeles Police Department custody threw her ashes at the police chief during a commission hearing Tuesday.

Sheila Hines-Brim was caught on camera hurling the ashes of Wakiesha Wilson at LAPD Chief Charlie Beck and, shouting, “That’s Wakiesha! She’s going to stay with you.”

Wilson died in LAPD custody in 2016, after she was arrested for allegedly attacking another person in a hospital emergency room, according to police records. She was found in her Metropolitan Detention Center jail cell hanging by a piece of cloth tied to a telephone cord, and a coroner’s office ruled her death a suicide. But her family and activists argue otherwise. They blame the LAPD for the death and say police failed to notify them about it. 

The city paid Wilson’s family nearly $300,000 in a settlement for a wrongful death lawsuit, according to NBC4 in Los Angeles. Detention

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Woman Allegedly Killed Her Boyfriend And Hid Body In Garbage Can With Her Mom’s Help

A Vermont woman allegedly killed her boyfriend and hid his body with the help of her mother and new lover, authorities said.

Erika Guttilla, 31, was arrested Tuesday and charged for the murder of Troy Ford, 35. She allegedly shot him in the head in December while he was asleep at her family’s home in Highgate, according to necn.com. She has pleaded not guilty.

Her mother, Carmen Guttilla, was charged the day before for allegedly helping to hide the body. She pleaded not guilty to aiding in the commission of a felony. Guttilla’s 28-year-old boyfriend, Corey Cassani, who was charged with being an accessory after the fact and pleaded not guilty Tuesday.

Guttilla and her mother allegedly rolled Ford in a rug and left it in a garbage can for weeks or possibly months.


Meet The First Woman To Legally Fight Workplace Sexual Harassment And The Woman Bringing Her Story To The …

Adaptive Studios

The #MeToo movement may be gaining momentum now, but it actually started years ago with a young African-American woman who won the first ever lawsuit regarding sexual harassment in the workplace.

That woman’s name is Sandra Bundy and now her story is in the process of getting the feature film treatment. Thanks to Adaptive Studios and EnLight Productions, Silence Breaker: The Sandra Bundy Story is currently in development.

“Taking a look at what is happening today in the workplace and the #MeToo movement, stories like Sandra Bundy’s should be told,” said Adaptive Studios’ VP of Alternative  Programming Courtney Parker. Silence Breaker will be executive produced by Perrin Chiles, TJ Barrack, Marc Joubert, EnLight production President Adriane

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Watch Insane Video Of Woman Smashing Popeyes Window With Chair Because They Wouldn’t Let Her Order Wendy’s

We’ve all been there.

You go to Popeyes, order from Wendy’s, realize you’re not at Wendy’s, and then try to throw a chair through a window.

Okay, maybe you haven’t been there, but on April 8, that’s exactly what happened with one particular woman, according to the New York Daily News.

Now, the NYPD wants help recognizing the lady responsible for a destructive freakout at a Popeyes in Staten Island.

Apparently, the woman wanted something from the “4 for $4” menu at Wendy’s, and was upset at the realization that she was, in fact, at a Popeyes. She ordered the meal anyway, the Daily News reported, sat down to eat and then had some words to say on the way out.

In the video, provided to Oxygen.com by the NYPD, the unidentified woman makes it to the door of the establishment before she turns around, yells, sticks out her tongue and makes an

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Woman Waited For Husband’s Lover To Come Home, Shot Her, Then Committed Suicide

Jennair Gerardot knew her husband was having an affair, and in a series of texts, she told him explicitly what she was going to do about it – she was going to murder his lover.

She allegedly did just that, breaking into the other woman’s house and waiting, around 7 p.m. on Monday, Delaware Online reported.

Gerardot, 47, a former marketing manager, waited at Meredith Chapman’s with a gun, and when Chapman got home, she immediately shot her. Then, she shot herself, Radnor Township Police in Pennsylvania said.

Mark Gerardot was going to meet Chapman, 33, an assistant vice president at Villanova University, for dinner that night and got worried when she didn’t show up. That’s when he went to her house, police said. When cops arrived he was outside the house and said, “My wife may be inside.”

Bill Colarulo, superintendent of Radnor Township Police, told Delaware Online that the murder was not a

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Maine Woman Kimberly Mironovas Allegedly Killed By Lukas …

First, the boys tried a gentle approach. They’d dissolve pills into mom’s wine and kill her like that.

Only one problem: the pills didn’t dissolve. So, they came up with another plan – they’d strangle and stab her to death while she slept.

That’s the picture court documents paint of the murder of Kimberly Mironovas, 47, who was found dead in her home in Maine around 2 A.M. on Sunday, according to CentralMaine.com.

Her son, Lukas Mironovas, 15, and his friend William Smith, 15, were both charged with murder and conspiracy to commit murder.

Kimberly Mironovas had just moved to Maine to get new start. She sold her condo in Massachusetts and enrolled in cosmetology school, Anthony Coco, president of Aveda Institute Maine, told Oxygen.com. She was happy to be doing hair, he said, and learning a new career. She left her old neighborhood to get her son away from “the city life.”

The day

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