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‘I wanted to make this film for the victims’: Zac Efron on playing Ted Bundy

When Zac Efron first heard about a chance to play Ted Bundy, he was wary. This was a few years before he signed on for the new film about the serial killer, and it involved a different script. “I didn’t want to jump in too early to what could have potentially been the wrong version of this movie,” he says. “I was very hesitant to go into a darker genre in what could be perceived as an effort to change my perceived image.” The script for his new film Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile felt, to him, like the right version: “A movie that could have been procedural and boring now explores a brand-new perspective, and is told through the eyes of Liz, the girl closest to Ted.”

It is the morning after the London premiere, and Efron is with the film’s director, Joe Berlinger,

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FBI: CBS Sets Premiere Date for Most Wanted Spin-off Episode

FBI: CBS Sets Premiere Date for Most Wanted Spin-off Episode

FBI: CBS sets premiere date for Most Wanted spin-off episode

CBS has announced the premiere for FBI episode 18 titled “Most Wanted,” which will serve as the backdoor pilot to a spin-off, will premiere on April 2. Directed by Fred Berner from a script written by Rene Balcer, the spin-off series stars Julian McMahon as Agent Jess Lacroix, Kellan Lutz as Agent Crosby, Roxy Steinberg as Agent Sheryll Barnes, Keisha Castle-Hughes as Analyst Hana Gibson, Nathanial Arcand as Agent Clinton Skye, and Alana De La Garza as Assistant Special Agent in Charge Isobel Castille. Matthew Lillard will make a guest appearance in the episode as the person listed on the Most Wanted list.

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FBI,executive produced by Emmy Award winner Dick Wolf, Craig Turk, Arthur

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Julian McMahon Cast in Dick Wolf’s FBI: Most Wanted

Julian McMahon Cast in Dick Wolf's FBI: Most Wanted

Julian McMahon cast in Dick Wolf’s FBI: Most Wanted

Deadline reports that Julian McMahon (Marvel’s Runaways) has been cast as the lead in Dick Wolf’s FBI: Most Wanted, the upcoming spin-off of the CBS drama FBI. The new series has already been given the green light, and will “air as an episode of FBI in the spring” according to the report.

The actor will play a character called Jess LaCroix, a top tier agent who tackles extreme cases and oversees the FBI’s Most Wanted Unit. McMahon was last seen in Hulu’s Marvel series Runaways, and has starred in popular shows such as Nip/Tuck and BBC America’s Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency.

CBS has given a full-season order to Dick Wolf’s latest in a long line of procedural dramas, F.B.I., which premiered Tuesday,

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Florida killer describes haunting ‘fantasy’ in crime doc: ‘I wanted to feel what it was like to take somebody’s life’


Florida killer describes haunting ‘fantasy’ in crime doc

Oxygen’s docu-series

When William S. Coffin III first saw crime scene photos of Largo, Fla., resident Patricia Canon King, he was visibly disgusted by what he saw — despite the fact it was the transient himself who had brutally murdered the 50-year-old.

In 2014, Tampa Bay Times reported Coffin, then 32, stabbed the mother of two to death a few hours after she invited him inside her home. They had met earlier that day. The man was reportedly down on his luck and King was known for inviting strangers into her home so they could get a meal, rest and get back on their feet.

The shocking case is the subject of Oxygen’s docu-series titled “Criminal Confessions,” which gives an inside look into actual police interrogations around the country with detectives on the hunt for justice.

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‘I only wanted to lose weight but I almost lost my life’: 22-stone woman, 35, nearly died after a gastric sleeve …

An obese woman claims she was given just days to live after she developed deadly sepsis from a gastric sleeve operation.

Laura Battrum, 35, from Birmingham, was severely overweight at 22 stone (308lbs) when she decided weight-loss surgery was her only option.

Due to her suffering from polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), the NHS agreed to pay for the operation, which took place last January. 

Thrilled, Miss Battrum thought she was one step closer to her dream of starting a family with her partner of eight years Steve, 37. 

Instead, she claims she developed sepsis and was given three days to live before being put in an induced coma for a month.

After spending a total of four months in hospital, Miss Battrum is finally back at home. But the health and social assessor is now forced to use a colostomy bag, and battles mobility problems and fatigue every day.

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Janice Dickinson testifies at Cosby retrial: ‘I wanted to punch him in the face’

Supermodel Janice Dickinson testified Thursday at the Bill Cosby’s sexual assault retrial, telling the court that she “wanted to punch him in the face” when she confronted him after, she claims, he raped her in Lake Tahoe in 1982.

Dickinson testified that Cosby invited her to meet him in Lake Tahoe to discuss her career and gave her a little round, blue pill that she was told would help with the menstrual cramps she was experiencing. Shortly after taking the pill, Dickinson testified, she became woozy. Later, Dickinson said, Cosby opened his robe and got on top of her.

Saying she felt motionless and immobile at the time, Dickinson remembered thinking that she didn’t consent to what was occurring.

Asked to clarify, Dickinson said that she was referring to

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Witness In Peter Madsen’s Murder Trial: He Wanted To Make A Snuff Film Before Kim Wall’s Death

Peter Madsen, a Danish inventor and submariner, is currently on trial for the dismemberment and murder of Swedish journalist Kim Wall. Some potentially damning testimony includes a witness that said Madsen expressed interest in snuff films before Wall’s death.

The headless torso of 31-year-old Kim Wall was discovered last summer off Copenhagen. She had taken a ride with Peter Madsen on a Nautilus submarine he built. She was writing a story about the Madsen, now 47, and his vessel.

Now, an unidentified female witness said that Madsen had spoken about wanting to make a “snuff video” on his vessel just days before the death of Wall, according to the Danish publication DR. On Monday, day five of the trial, the witness, referred to only as “the mistress” testified that she had a sexual relationship with the submariner. She said that Madsen and a friend exchanged texts in which he expressed

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Accused Sex Trafficker Who Wanted To Eat Child Released On Bail

A man from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina who is accused of wanting to enslave and eat a child is a free man for now.

Justin Teeter Bensing was arrested last month, along with about 40 others, as part of a police sting operation intended to catch people involved with sex trafficking. Unlike the 40 others though, Bensing is accused of wanted to eat one of the children, according to The Associated Press.

Bensing, 36, allegedly asked an undercover cop, which he apparently thought was a child, if she was “ready to be a full-time baby maker and sex slave.” He has been since been released on $20,000 bond, the AP reported. It’s unclear if Bensing has a lawyer.

During a news conference last month, Sheriff Will Lewis accused Bensing of wanting to “physically cannibalize” a child, The New York Post reported.

“Depravity doesn’t even begin to describe this,” the sheriff

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America’s ‘Most Wanted Deadbeat’ Dad Found In Canada After 20 Years On Run

Joseph Stroup was ordered to pay child support after he divorced his wife in 1989. The judge ordered him to pay just $100 a month to his ex-wife, but Stroup claimed he was medically disabled and jobless, according to the Calgary Herald. The judge at the time was accommodating and even lowered his monthly payments to just $14.

Stroup, however, allegedly didn’t make the payments, and by 1998 an indictment was filed against him in federal court, according to the Associated Press. The southwest Michigan man wasn’t broke by that point. In fact, he sold an internet business for over $2 million in 1996. Then, he allegedly fled town.

After being wanted for nearly two decades for failure to pay child support, Stroup was found in Alberta, Canada, under the name Joop Cousteau. Restaurant owner Scott Winograd was handed paperwork by Stroup with the name Joop Cousteau on it after Stroup allegedly claimed that

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