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Oxygen’s Murder for Hire Serves Up Compelling True Crime Without the Unsavory Aftertaste

One read-through of Oxygen’s current programming immediately gives the uninitiated a feel for the network. Titles like Buried in the Backyard, Killer Affair, and Snapped: Killer Couples aren’t exactly nuanced, and neither is their respective content. On any of these Oxygen shows, the first five minutes typically involve a reenactment of an unsuspecting hunter, fisherman, or hiker who stumbles upon a dead body. Next, an actual detective who responded to the scene that day usually recalls to cameras how he noticed “the unmistakable scent of death” upon arrival. It can be very formulaic, with the exception of one show that was added to Oxygen’s lineup this year: Murder for Hire, which breathes some new life into a channel mostly about dead people.

Created by Dick Wolf of Law Order fame, Murder for Hire is, like

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