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DNA Helped Catch Golden State Killer Suspect. Now, A Lab Is Trying To Crack 100 Other Cold Cases With ‘Genetic …

After DNA helped crack the decades-old cold case of the Golden State Killer, could it also lead to arrests in other unsolved cases? 

For one case, it already has. And there could be more major breaks on the way.  

The methods used to arrest Golden State Killer suspect Joseph DeAngelo — who was caught after decades on the run thanks to DNA from his trash, paired with genealogy — are already in play for other crimes that once made headlines, including the hunt for another California phantom, the Zodiac Killer.

Parabon NanoLabs, a Virginia DNA engineering company, is working with multiple police agencies to break cold cases. It has uploaded DNA data from about 100 crime scenes to the free genealogy site GEDmatch, Parabon president and CEO Steve Armentrout said. Parabon calls this process “genetic-genealogy.” 

“About 20 percent of those [100 crimes] look like they are going to be directly solvable using genetic-genealogy alone. Another 30 percent of those

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Man Killed Execution Style While Trying To Buy Playstation Online

Danny Diaz-Delgado just wanted to buy a Playstation for his little brother. He found one he liked online, and met a man to buy it. 

He ended up bound and gagged, riddled with bullet holes, near a creek in New Jersey.

Rufus Thompson, 29, is accused of kidnapping, robbing and murdering Diaz-Delgado after meeting him under the pretense of selling the game system, according to NJ.com. It was the first and last time the two men crossed paths.

Diaz-Delgado, 20, answered an ad March 20 and met Thompson to buy the game system after he withdrew money from the bank. Thompson kidnapped him and took him to some nearby woods. 

Diaz-Delgado was then tortured for his bank PIN number, according to FOX6. Thompson then used Diaz-Delgado’s bankcard to get more money. Police said Diaz-Delgado was shot in the head, torso and leg multiple times. 

Police got the call about an unconscious and unresponsive male on

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Man Accused Of Trying To Destroy McDonald’s Arches After He Doesn’t Get 30 Cheeseburgers

One McDonald’s customer was definitely not lovin’ his fast-food dining experience. Earlier this month, Jedediah Ezekiel Fulton, 37, was arrested after an incident at a McDonalds in Sutherlin, Oregon.

According to a police report published by The Smoking Gun, “Fulton caused a disturbance due to being upset McDonald’s would not make him 30 double cheeseburgers.”

As a reaction to this perceived McInjustice, “Fulton destroyed a banner and attempted to destroy their golden arches.”

It’s unclear exactly how Fulton tried to destroy the arches. The person who reported the incident to police then confronted Fulton. Police said Fulton reacted by grabbing the collar of that person. Another customer who witnessed the altercation “feared for Reporting Party’s life so a firearm was displayed.”

Fulton was arrested on suspicion of second-degree disorderly conduct, second-degree criminal trespass, second-degree criminal mischief and harassment. It’s unclear if he has a lawyer who can speak on his behalf at this

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Woman Convicted Of Hiring Hitman To Kill Her Ex And His New GF Charged With Trying To Have 2 Others Killed

Two more people were just added to a list of people that an elderly woman from Utah allegedly tried to pay to have killed. Linda Tracy Gillman, 70, was convicted of hiring a hitman to kill her ex-husband and his new wife last year. Now, she’s accused of trying to hire another hit from jail just three weeks ago, to have two others, one of which is connected with the legal proceedings of the first incident killed.

On Friday, Gillman was convicted of hiring someone to kill her ex and his girlfriend over life insurance money last year, according to KSL in Salt Lake City. That very same day, new charges were filed against Gillman accusing her of trying to hire someone to kill the prosecution’s key witness and an attorney.

Last year, Gillman approached her handyman to ask him to have her ex-husband’s bankruptcy attorney Duane H. Gillman killed, Read more at: http://www.oxygen.com/crime-time/Linda-Gillman-Allegedly-Tried-To-Hire-3-Different-Hitmen

Suge Knight’s Lawyers Charged With Trying To Bribe Witnesses In His Upcoming Murder Trial

The lawyers behind Death Row Records founder Marion “Suge” Knight are now in legal trouble of their own. 

One current and one former attorney for the 52-year-old rap honcho have been indicted on charges that include conspiring to bribe potential witnesses in Knight’s upcoming murder trial, as reported by the Associated Press on Billboard.

Authorities believe that lawyer Matthew Fletcher attempted to pay witnesses who could provide favorable testimony at Knight’s trial and that Thaddeus Culpepper told a confidential informant that he would provide false testimony.

Both men are also charged with three other felony counts.

Both lawyers are being represented by Mark Geragos and did not respond to comment from the Associated Press. The duo was released Monday on their own recognizance and they’re slated to be arraigned March 16.

In 2015, Knight was charged with murder after a fatal hit-and-run. Authorities believe that Knight argued with two men and later deliberately ran them over with

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Man Admits To Trying To Throw His Coworker Head-First Into A Wood Chipper

A Keizer, Oregon tree trimming service employee has pleaded guilty to attempted assault after trying to push a worker head-first into a wood chipper.

Scott Iverson, 27, was initially arrested on attempted murder and attempted assault last May, according to KATU, after his coworker, Austin Crawford, 23, said Iverson put him in a chokehold and tried to shove him into the deadly wood-chipping machine. Another employee had to restrain Iverson in order to save Crawford’s life. Iverson will now spend 70 months behind bars for attempted assault.

Crawford recalled to KATU how he felt that day: “Out of nowhere he comes up behind me and puts his hand on my head and puts me in a choke hold. […] I didn’t want to die this way.”

In a statement, Keizer Police Deputy Chief Jeffrey Kuhns said that Crawford was merely loading brush into a running wood chipper when Iverson attacked him out of

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Lana Del Rey ‘Doing Fine’ After A Man With A Knife Is Arrested For Trying To Kidnap Her

A Florida man has been arrested for allegedly threatening to kidnap singer Lana Del Rey. As The New York Times reports, 43-year-old Michael Shawn Hunt of Riverview was arrested in Orlando on Friday outside of the Amway Center. The singer was performing there.

Hunt was carrying a ticket to the concert as well as a knife. He was apprehended approximinately a block away from the venue. The suspect was arrested on charges of attempted kidnapping with a weapon and aggravated stalking with a credible threat. 

As Fader shares, authorities said that Hunt posed a “credible threat” to 33-year-old Del Rey. He apparently made “cryptic and threatening” posts on social media. Prior to the arrest, Orlando authorities received a tip tip off about Hunt. He never came into contact with the singer.

When authorities interviewed Hunt, they said that he was chanted gibberish about going to the “afterlife.” “The interview with Hunt was very disturbing,” a detective wrote, per the

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Girlfriend Accidentally Kills Herself While Trying To Stop BF’s Suicide: “If You Are Going To Do It, So Am I”

A woman from England has died in what appears to be an attempt to stop her boyfriend’s suicide. Corinne Hayes, 23 was upset that her boyfriend Brian Marshall, 33, appeared to be close to killing himself.

According to the UK publication Metro, Hayes thought her boyfriend would find her in time and that her threat would inspire him to spare his own life. She sent a text to Marshall saying, “If you are going to do it, so am I. Meet you on the other side.”

However, he reportedly didn’t see the text in time. By the time he did, it was too late. Tragically, she was pronounced dead at Marshall’s apartment over the weekend.

Hayes was a healthcare worker and a godmother of three.

Her mother, Mandy Hayes said, “Corinne was kind and sociable and had a heart of gold – she was everyone’s best friend.”

Corinne and Marshall began dating in

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Man Thrown Off Bridge Into Icy River 45 Feet Below After Trying To Break Up A Fight

Connecticut resident Gregory Rottjer, 25, was arrested and charged with attempted murder, first-degree assault and reckless endangerment after throwing a person who attempted to intervene during an argument with his girlfriend off a bridge, according to The Huffington Post.

The incident reportedly occurred around 1 AM on Thanksgiving day at the bridge connecting the cities of Shelton and Derby. Rottjer and his girlfriend, Jennifer Hannum, 22, were fighting verbally about Rottjer’s drinking habits when two bystanders “tried to see if the female was OK and then attempted to walk away,” Detective Richard Bango said. The two had been attempting to de-escalate the situation.

Rottjer and his friend, Matthew Dorso, then began attacking the pair of good samaritans. Rottjer intentionally threw one of the intervening bystanders off the 45-foot bridge. The victim landed in the frigid waters of the Housatonic River. A rescue crew was ultimately able to pull him out of the water.

“Credit is due to

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Autistic Man Beaten Up And Robbed While Trying To Make Friends On Basketball Court

After a violent incident in Tampa, Florida, two people are under arrest and an adult man with autism is left not knowing who he can trust. The victim told ABC Action News that he was just trying to make friends on the basketball court near his home, but he ended up being beaten and robbed.

“They tried to take my phone. They beat me up. They punched me in my face,” the 22-year-old man said. The young man suffers from autism, the neurological disorder that can inhibit and impair communication and social interactions and affects one in 68 children nationally, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The victim, whose father asked that he not be named, had gone to a basketball court near his home on Sunday, December 3, The Washington Post reported. He enjoys playing the sport and was hoping to make new friends with whom he

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