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Is Tia Skinner Still In Prison In 2019? She’s Been Re-Sentenced Four Times

The March 18 episode of Oxygen’s Snapped: Killer Couples examines the case of Tia Skinner, who was convicted in 2011 for the murder of her father and the attempted murder of her mother for a 2010 knife attack at their Michigan home, as reported by Mlive. According to CBS Detroit, Skinner pled not guilty during her 2010 trial, but has since expressed remorse for her role in the crime.

“It literally made my heart break in two to hear my dad like that,” she told The Times Herald in 2012, per CBS Detroit. “I think it was just awful. I just had a bad temper and I took it out on somebody who didn’t deserve it, somebody who looked after me and took care of me.” Though she has been up for re-sentencing several times,

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TV tonight: ‘The Bachelor’ still a virgin after Fantasy Suite?

TV picks for Monday, March 4


“The Bachelor” (8 p.m., ABC): Colton is down to three women – Cassie, Hannah G. and Tayshia. But that doesn’t mean things are getting any easier. Last week’s cliffhanger had him rushing off to talk to Chris Harrison. Overwhelmed by having just sent Caelynn home and nervously anticipating the Fantasy Suites, the virgin Bachelor is about to embark on a journey to the Algarve region of Portugal, vowing to save himself for the woman he loves. Once there, Colton and Tayshia take a breathtaking helicopter ride to Cape St. Vincent. He confesses his feelings for her, but will they make it to the fantasy suite and what will happen if they do? Or will Cassie have the chance to be his first? Cassie is still apprehensive about taking the next step with Colton, and he reveals to her the unsettling conversation he

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Seasonal happenings: Still time to enjoy favorite holiday events

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Murder of ‘Killing Fields’ star Haing Ngor still haunts detective: ‘I didn’t have any answers’

Actor Haing Ngor won Best Supporting Actor for his role in The Killing Fields at the 1985 Oscars.

Actor Haing Ngor won “Best Supporting Actor” for his role in “The Killing Fields” at the 1985 Oscars.

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Jose Baez Is Still Defending Aaron Hernandez: ‘You Had a Hard Time Not Liking Him’

Attorney Jose Baez continues to defend his client, former New England Patriots starAaron Hernandez, even after his death.

“What’s unique about Aaron is if you knew him you would have a hard time not liking him,” Baez told InsideEdition.com of the former football star and convicted murderer.”I think that when you hear of all these stories that have been previously reported, you’re only hearing from people who didn’t know the man.”

Now Baez is sharing Hernandez’s story in a two-night docu-series, with help from Hernandez’sfiancee, former teammates and detectives who investigated his case. Aaron Hernandez Uncoveredairs on

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5 Questions We Still Have About The Mysterious Suicide Of Aaron Hernandez

Former NFL player Aaron Hernandez was considered one of the all-time best tight ends. But his career would be derailed by a timeline of legal run-ins, including 

being convicted of first-degree murder plus weapons charges in the death of Odin Lloyd. He was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. On April 19, 2017, the 27-year-old was found hanging in his cell. 

Oxygen’s new docu-series “Aaron Hernandez Uncovered” unravels the football star’s shocking death with unprecedented access to those that knew the athelete best. The two part docu-series premieres March 17 at 7/6c on Oxygen.

Here are five questions we still have about his suicide.


Did He Know That His Conviction Would Be Erased?



After his suicide, Hernandez’s murder conviction in the Lloyd case was voided. How? Massachusetts has recognized a legal rule called “abatement ab initio,” which essentially means that convictions are thrown out if

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Daughter of Murdered Hollywood Actress Christa Helm Is Still Seeking Justice For Her Mother

Recently, an episode of Oxygen’s Mysteries Scandals focused on the untimely and tragic death of Christa Helm. An aspiring actress and known Hollywood socialite, Helm was murdered in West Hollywood in 1977.

Watch the full episode here.

Her daughter Nicole Clements was also featured in the episode hoping to find some sort of justice or solace all these years later. “My mother was a very complicated woman, like so many of us,” Clements tells Oxygen exclusively. “She used her brain as well as her charm. She was warm and loving to those of us she loved and cared for. She was also fearless with her ambition.”

Clements still struggles with the reality of her mother’s death, noting that some memories are just too harsh to recall. In the episode, it’s noted that Clements wasn’t even told the real reason her mother passed away until later. “I believe it was a couple of

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Why The Mysterious Shooting Of Robert Blake’s Wife Is Still Unsolved Over 15 Years Later

Robert Blake kicked off his impressive acting career as a child, starring in “Our Gang.” As an adult, he starred in movies like “In Cold Blood” and “Town Without Pity.” Decades later, he was arrested for murder.

In 2001, Blake’s second wife Bonnie Lee Bakley was murdered. After the couple dined in an Italian restaurant in Los Angeles, Bakley got into their car. Blake claimed he ran back to the restaurant to pick up a gun he left behind. When he returned to the car, according to Blake, he found his wife shot to death. The gun that Blake picked up at the restaurant was not the same gun used to kill his wife.

Prosecutors accused him of being the mastermind of her death, claiming he wanted out of their marriage, according to ABC News. He pleaded not guilty and was acquitted of her murder in 2005.

Overwhelmed with

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