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This week: Queer Eye, The Profit, MDL:NY, Alone, and many other shows return this week

MDLYN, Steven Gold, Fredrik Eklund, Ryan Serhant

Summer has arrived, the days are long, I’m sweating, and reality television offers plenty of reasons to stay inside: almost 20 reality shows debut or return this week.

Let’s start with Gordon Ramsay, who ended his show Kitchen Nightmares four years ago but is now back with a show that sounds surprisingly similar: To Hell and Back (Fox, Wednesdays at 9), on which he tries to rescue restaurants in less than a day. I’ll have a review Wednesday.

Netflix’s successful and emotional reboot of  Queer Eye is out with its second season on Friday.

Alone (History, Thursdays at 10) returns for its first all-star season, with returning participants trying to outlast each other in Mongolia. Look for

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Oxygen Adds Two New Shows to "Cruel Summer" Lineup!

Oxygen Media has been easing into one of the best available sources for true crime on television.

With its “Cruel Summer” programming this summer, things are really heating up!

Two new series are being added to an already exciting lineup.

In Defense Of Poster

Beginning Monday, June 11 at 8/7c, The Price of Duty premieres.

The new series follows dedicated detectives from across the country as they recount their stories of complex cases that have emotionally impacted and changed their lives forever.

Each episode explores the emotional rollercoaster of how investigators sacrificed their personal lives to solve these seemingly impossible cases.

They shed their stoic exteriors to expose their vulnerability and reveal the personal struggles they endured while working tirelessly to solve these unthinkable crimes.

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With the first-hand narrative of the detectives, along with their families, the victim’s families and other law enforcement involved, the

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June 2018 Premiere Dates: Over 70 New Summer TV Shows And Seasons Airing

June is the beginning of summer and the start of a new cycle of TV programming. More networks than ever have new seasons and series premiering during the warm weather months when all you want to do is stay inside with the air conditioning and the tube.

Those looking for new shows have their pick. “Pose,” Ryan Murphy’s new drama about ball culture in 1980s New York City, kicks off on FX at the beginning of the month. Viewers seeking something a little more supernatural should check out Marvel TV’s teen drama, “Cloak and Dagger” on Freeform. Reality fans, however, will want to check out “The Proposal” on ABC, which looks perfect for “The Bachelor” fans.

Several fan favorite TV shows are returning as well. The lovely ladies of Freeform’s “The Bold Type” are back for Season 2, which will pick up with Jane (Katie Stevens) adjusting to life after leaving

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Video Shows New Jersey Cops Attacking Man With Large Blue Dildo

A video posted to YouTube shows a bizarre altercation in which an unidentified civilian is bludgeoned with a large blue dildo by New Jersey police officers. The incident is one of many strange and horrifying situations detailed in a lawsuit against Mountainside police officers.

The video, obtained by NJ Advance Media and shared by NJ.com, was taken inside the Mountainside police office. In it, Lt. Thomas Murphy and Det. Sgt. Andrew Huber are seen raucously smacking an unidentified male with a dildo nicknamed “Big Blue.”

In a 46-page lawsuit, five officers, Christopher Feighner, Richard Latargia, Thomas Norton, Jeffrey Stinner, and James Urban, and one borough employee, Amy Colineri, claim that the Mountainside Police Department was a hostile work environment with sexual connotations, according to MyCentralJersey.com, a New Jersey-based USA Today affiliate.

The suit includes a wide range of accusations, including allegations about homophobic jokes and pranks, nepotism in the department’s hiring practices, the prevalence of

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Oxygen’s 10 New True Crime Shows Will Make You Never Want To Leave Your Couch Again

A warning to all armchair detectives: You might have trouble leaving your living room this summer. That’s because Oxygen has added 10 new true crime shows to its lineup. On top of that, the network will also show the U.S. premiere of Serial Killer with Piers Morgan.

Last year, Oxygen rebranded itself as the go-to network for true crime and it’s found success with this new model. The recent two-part series, Aaron Hernandez Uncovered, which delved deeper into the murder charges against the football player and how it led to his tragic death, was the most watched program in the network’s history. “The response from the true crime community has been overwhelming,” Rod Aissa, the Executive Vice President, Original Programming and Development of Oxygen, said in a statement.

This means, Oxygen is looking to capitalize off its successful run and Americans love of true

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Surveillance Video Shows Insane Smash-And-Grab Of Estimated $100000 At Florida Jewelry Store

It only takes a minute.

Two people in matching hooded sweatshirts, black pants and shoes storm into a jewelry store and perform a symphony-like smash-and-grab operation. They’re frantic but methodical, snatching a covering off the glass cases before smashing them, grabbing whatever they can and stuffing the loot into backpacks. 

The whole operation was captured by the store’s surveillance camera, and Florida police released the video in hopes of catching the pair they think is responsible. According to the Sarasota Herald-Tribune, the suspects got away with up between $50,000 to $100,000 in jewelry and rare coins. They forced open the back door of the Estate Coin and Jewelry Galleria at around 1 a.m. on March 29. The store is located in Sarasota, on the west coast of Florida. 

The Tribune reported that the day before, a couple came into a nearby store. Other jewelry store owners said the suspects came into their stores

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Disturbing Video Shows Teens Slamming Disabled Girl’s Head Into Table, Burning Her Hands On BBQ

Three teenagers have been implicated in the brutal assault of a disabled 17-year-old in Victoria, Australia. The incident is being described by police as “one of the worst assaults in 30 years.”

According to News.com.au, two 15-year-olds and a 12-year-old tricked the disabled victim into going to a local Moe park, where they attacked her. The children posted video of the assault on social media.

The intellectually disabled teen had her face beaten, her broken phone smashed into her face, and her hands seared on a barbeque. She was also kicked and punched repeatedly.

The victim was taken to a hospital where she is expected to recover.

The victim’s mother has described the attack as “incomprehensible … The amount of times they pummelled her head into that picnic table is disgusting,” she said. “Her face is black and blue, she’s unrecognizable.”

“The footage is pretty graphic,” said Detective Senior Constable Michael Thek, who ackowledged that many

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Disturbing Video Shows Woman Confessing To Murdering 5-Year-Old Daughter: ‘I Just Killed Her’

On Friday, a Jackson Township, Ohio mother pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter for killing her 5-year-old daughter in early 2017 and then having her husband hide the body inside the restaurant the couple owned.

A videotaped confession, in which 30-year-old Ming Ming Chen reveals why she killed her child, was released this week. Last January, little Ashley Zhao’s body was discovered hidden in the family’s Chinese restaurant, just one day Chen and her husband Liang Zhao reported her missing. The confession took place in a police interrogation room, not long after the young girl’s body was found.

Initially, Chen said she didn’t know how Ashley died. According to Fox 8 Cleveland, a lead detective immediately noticed that Chen didn’t show emotion when she learned that her daughter was dead. That didn’t sit right with him.

Eventually, Chen admitted to the detective that during a moment of rage she beat her Ashley

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Happy New Year! Here are 41 reality shows debuting this week

Happy New Year! It’s Jan. 1, and though it doesn’t seem like a Monday—I will probably not know what day it is all week—it’s the start of a new year, a new week, and many, many reality TV shows.

I count 41: Yes, almost two days worth of reality, unscripted, and documentary series debut episodes in just one week.

The final weeks of December are among my favorite not just because of the holidays, but because television, and the television industry, take their only annual break. I love that respite from new episodes or shows. It allows me to do other things, like organize cabinets while I watch marathons of old favorites (The Twilight Zone, The Golden Girls).

I wouldn’t mind this hiatus lasting a few more weeks. But like 2017, it’s over. There’s a lot on the way this week, beginning with The Bachelor tonight. (If you need a refresher on Bachelor tropes,

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