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18 reality show debuts include Top Chef, Drag Race, Vanderpump Rules, and The Profit

RuPaul's Drag Race Holi-Slay Spectacular

Good Monday morning. It’s December, and temperatures here in the 40s have been replaced by temperatures in the 80s. That’s Florida, and it is not meant to brag: there is also 95 percent humidity this morning, so I am sticking to myself as I type this. It’s very festive.

Before we get to this week’s premiers, I’ve just published my quarterly guide to reality TV show premiere dates. Because I update it every time networks send out announcements with premiere dates, it currently reaches all the way into May, when The Amazing Race 31 will premiere in Survivor’s timeslot.

So check that out. But first, here’s what’s ahead in reality TV this week.

A new Drag Race competition airs Friday night at 8

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CEO Of Child Care Facility Where Boy Died In A Hot Van Is Advocate For Less Child Care Rules

The CEO of a child care facility that fired four employees after a special needs child died in a hot van, is a state lawmaker who aggressively advocates for less regulation of child care in Arkansas.

5-year-old Christopher Gardner, Jr. died last Monday. Ascent Children’s Health CEO Dan Sullivan said the child would still be alive if the employees followed company policies and procedures. He met with the family of the child last Wednesday and offered to pay for the funeral expenses, according to WMC-TV. Christopher’s family said he had undergone two heart operations in his life and had been attending Ascent since he was a year old for help with developmental issues, according to NBC News.

“It didn’t take them but two minutes or one minute to go back and get off their lazy asses and go see where they kids at,” says Carrie Smith, the grandmother of

Read more at: http://www.oxygen.com/blogs/ceo-of-child-care-facility-where-boy-died-in-a-hot-van-is-advocate-for-less-child-care-rules

Nicki Minaj Has Three Important Rules When It Comes To Texting

Everyone has their own set of rules when it comes to texting. No one really knows just how long a conversation should last, we all have that one friend who takes two days to text back and then only says “ok,” and I’m willing to bet relationships have been ended over differences in texting styles.

Nicki Minaj recently shared her own rules of texting etiquette via Twitter, and they’re relatable AF. The dreaded “Kk” response tops her lists of no-nos, along with lots of other stuff that have probably driven you crazy on occasion, too.