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Oxygen Media, the destination for high-quality crime programming, dives head first into the unnerving and complex story of a small town shrouded in SECRETS in the six-part event series, “The Disappearance of Crystal Rogers,” beginning Saturday, August 11 at 7pm ET/PT with a two-hour premiere. This is the third installment of the hit”Disappearance of…” franchise, following the previous cases of Natalee Holloway and Maura Murray. What begins as an exploration into the mysterious circumstances surrounding Crystal Rogers, a mother of five vanishing from the tiny town of Bardstown, Kentucky, quickly spirals into the dissection of multiple unsolved homicides haunting this idyllic, heartland community. Presumed dead and the victim of foul play, it has been over two years and there have been no arrests made in Crystal’s case. Additionally, Crystal’s father, Tommy Ballard, who was conducting his

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Alesia Warrior Accidentally Shot, Paralyzed By Lover Darell Rogers …

Alesia Warrior thought that she had it all figured out when it came to the murder of her husband—but what happened instead, which was chronicled in a recent episode of “Killer Couples” (Saturdays at 6/5c), was a tragedy for everyone involved.  

With love at first site, Alesia married her husband Jeremy within a year of meeting him. But after the two settled in to married life, Jeremy began taking more shifts at work to keep up with their monetary obligations. Alesia, who was left home alone while Jeremy was at work, found herself out at clubs and partying in an attempt to feel less lonely. 

Alesia eventually met a 31-year-old named Darell Rogers at a local club and had an instant attraction to him, leading to a sexual encounter. Realizing that this wasn’t just a one-night stand, Darell Rogers and Alesia Warrior continued to meet up with each other behind her

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