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Fox Grabs Dick Wolf’s ‘First Responders Live’


First Responders Describe Jessica Chambers As ‘A Zombie’ When She Allegedly Said ‘Eric Set Me On Fire’

BATESVILLE, MS — First responders to the scene where Mississippi teenager Jessica Chambers was found with burns on 93 percent of her body said in court Wednesday morning she was “mentally in shock,” “in a trance,” and that she “looked like a zombie” when she told them a man named Eric set her on fire. 
Yet prosecutors began making their case Wednesday as to why 29-year-old Quinton Tellis—and not a man named Eric—is responsible for Chambers’ horrific murder. Tellis has pleaded not guilty.

On the second day of trial in the small Mississippi courthouse jurors heard from a parade of first responders, many of whom were the last people to speak with Chambers before she fell unconscious on Dec. 6, 2014.

Those who spoke to her at the scene of the crime in Courtland testified she said “Eric set me on fire,” and prosecutors worked to combat these reports, asking the first

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